Superorganism is a collective of beekeeper, scientist, anthropologist, sound-maker and artists that span transdisciplinary practices with a common grounding in placemaking, pattern finding and systems of information and knowledge exchange. A Superorganism is a complex organisation of individuals only able to operate and survive collectively. Bees are a classic superorganism, an indicator species of ecological change, and the touchstone of this project. Led by bees and considering  superorganisms; which are a coming together of cooperative individuals that are more than the sum of parts; complex organisations operate and survive communally.

A collective flourishing.

We are
Penelope Cain
Barbara Doran
Sky Hugman
Susan Pratt
Callum Denham

We would love to hear from you 

We are informed by ideas about
Metabolising (digesting materials and ideas) 
Transmuting (alchemical, bacterial, other)
Embedding (placemaking, site building, swarming)
Sensing (population sensing, sensing interspecies intelligence, health of the system)