Superorganism EDGE residency/2021

EDGEgreeenway residency; one month working from a shipping container that we painted gold (the GoldBox). With thanks to IWC
Things we prototyped: a waggle dance (bees, communicating direction and distance to pollen), hexagon music, with a hex-algorithm using sounds sourced from the local landscape, public-participatory group humming, gathering wishes for a Wish Economy, and collecting songs people were sung to as children. Words we talked about- Cooperating individuals, community synergies and emergent collective thinking. Bee-led, body-led learning. Interspecies care. Population sensing. Landscape mapping.

Wish Economy (highlights of performance)
‘Mediating the transmission of wishes from one stranger to another.’¬†Over 2 weeks we interviewed people in the park and collected anonymous wishes wrapped in beeswax sheets. At the end of the residency we handed them out on the tramline.

Over The Water
Highlights of performance

‘Like the bees, we swarmed to the canal, and over the water.
We passed along its length and sang songs our grandparents had sung to us’

Work in progress: we are collecting  songs that people were sung to as children. Tapping into childhood memories, cultural songs, actions of care, the embodied action of singing and moving, and ideas around intergenerational migration (over water)

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Tuning-In Fridays
Every Friday evening we held a Tuning-In event; inviting people to come and make and then light candles, and join in a collaborative hum event. We invited different creative practitioners to join us each Friday: a French-trained Perfumer, a Mead maker, a Draftsman to document the place and people, through scent, honey and pencil.

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And we collected, and projected a multispecies electro-soundbath, collecting sounds and images from the environment along the parkway, mediated through a hex-based algorithmic code.

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