Superorganism is a collective of beekeeper, scientist, anthropologist, sound-maker and artists that span transdisciplinary practices with a common grounding in placemaking, pattern finding and systems of information and knowledge exchange. 

A Superorganism is a complex organisation of individuals only able to operate and survive collectively. Bees are a classic superorganism, an indicator species of ecological change, and the touchstone of this project.

Led by bees and considering  superorganisms; which are a coming together of cooperative individuals that are more than the sum of parts; complex organisations operate and survive communally.

A collective flourishing. 

We are

Penelope Cain

Barbara Doran

Sky Hugman

Susan Pratt

Callum Denham

We are informed by ideas about

Metabolising (digesting materials and ideas) // Transmuting (alchemical, bacterial, other)  //  Embedding (placemaking, site building, swarming)  // Sensing (population sensing, sensing interspecies intelligence , health of the system)


Wish Economy

prototyped in Superorganism@Edge

EdgeGreenway may 2021

Songs We Were Sung To As Children

research on the cannal @EdgeGreenway may 2021

Superorganism @Edge2021

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